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Hogwarts Moment: Potions Class Review

First off Welcome to my blog! In this particular blog I'll be reviewing recent Lego sets I have purchased and letting you know if it's worth it. So with that said, lets get crackin'.

The Hogwarts Moment series from Lego is a series featuring four books that represent each house and they open into to let you into the magical classrooms of each book. For instance this particular set is Potions class featuring Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Seamus Finnigan. The set itself includes several mini builds to make the scene come to life. These include various potion shelves, an arm chain, a blackboard, a large table and some pots wands and miscellaneous potions to brew in said pot. So without further ado, let us get to it.

The Build

This build is relatively simple takes less than 30 mins depending on your skill level. It features 3 minifigs which are Snape, Malfoy, and Finnigan. Each mini fig comes with 2 faces and wands. The book itself uses Lego hinge plates to allow for the scene to cascade out of the book once opened. It also utilizes the flat plates with two studs with groove to allow for storage of mini builds like, the arm chair, the blackboard, and one of the shelves. It also utilizes stickers to decorate the inside of the book and make it feel like part of the room.

The Good

I enjoy this series as a whole because I love the idea. This is the second set I have purchased in the series, the previous being the charms class set. The sets are so neat and a fun way to play. It allows for easy storage when you have finished setting up the scene and moving the characters about, but also still allows for plenty of space for your imagination to run wild. Combine this set with the other sets and you can have your own day at Hogwarts. The other thing I love is the printed on face of the book. I also love Seamus Finnigan's blown burnt out face. It is wonderfully detailed with the ash marks and his quizzical look added. Also featured in the build is a secret chamber to explore which features a jewel on a pedestal. It also features many objects to interact with like potion bottles, a spoon, a knife, a pot, wands, what looks like an explosion in a pot, and a book.

The Bad

The stickers. This is a pet peeve of mine I don't understand the need for the stickers I know it is probably cheaper to make but I can never get them on just right they are never straight even after using the brick separator trick. Also sometimes a lot of the times the sticker page is just thrown in the box so by the time a customer opens they have a folded stick page which leaves a massive crease in several of the stickers. Another negative is there are a lot of small pieces, granted this is a compact build. However, normally with small pieces they send you an extra one or two but for this build there are so many small pieces I could almost build a brand new set with all the left over pieces. For Lego collectors it is amazing because hey who couldn't use some extra pieces. But for kids this may lead to many issues such as the dreaded late night step on a Lego piece. Or even never being able to clean them all up.

The Verdict

Overall the goods of this build completely outweigh the bad. It such a fun thing to build even with the pesky stickers. It also also looks very nice on my shelf and I cannot wait to complete the collection. Final Score: 9/10 (Curse you stickers!!!) Comment below what score you would give.

If you made it this far, THANKS! The main purpose of this blog is to help me improve my writing so if I messed anything up, grammatically, spelling or anything, (which I will do a lot, apologies in advance) please do not hesitate to email me your constructive criticism at Thanks!

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